These are the 6 Mobile Legends Hero Roles You Should Know

The Mobile Legend game is a game that is very favorite with online game lovers. It’s not surprising that many people are willing to spend a lot of free time just playing this game. Mobile Legend offers the best excitement of playing as a team which requires cooperation in defeating the opposing team to get to the core of the tower that must be destroyed. Each player is required to master the strength of the hero used in order to achieve the right victory.

Each team has 5 players who can use heroes who can be chosen freely. However, it would be much better if a team uses a hero who always supports one player and other players in strengthening the team. There are several divisions of hero roles based on type, namely Marksman, Tank, Mage, Fighter, Assassin, Support. With 5 hero roles in 1 team and proper hero mastery, your team will definitely win quite easily.

Types of Mobile Legends Hero Roles

The release of the Mobile Legends game from 2016 until now, there are a total of 123 heroes that you can choose and rely on in ranking battles. Every year new heroes are always introduced with the aim of ensuring that fans of this game don’t get bored easily and are always interested in playing all the time. Of the number of existing heroes, of course they are grouped into several roles which will make it easier for you to choose the right hero. Before starting the game, it is important for you, especially beginner players, to know what the Hero roles are in Mobile Legends, as follows:

  1. Marksman is a hero who has quite high damage and good attack speed. Hero Marksman can finish off enemies faster than other hero roles. Many players like to use this hero role because they carry out attacks at a fairly long distance, so players can win with fairly easy opportunities. Please note that this hero role is quite weak when attacked.

    The Marksman’s job is to farm to get items that help increase the hero level quickly. The important thing that Marksman needs to pay attention to is to always be alert to the minimap. When the enemies are not visible on the map, immediately look for a safe place or ask other heroes for help to defeat the enemies.
  2. Tank is a hero with high defense and is able to withstand more damage than other heroes. Tank hero users must be in the front position in the team so that other heroes can carry out better attacks against the opposing team. The presence of a tank hero is very necessary in the team to block attacks from the opposing team.

    The Tank’s job is to protect his own team and be a defense for the team’s heroes. Advance onto the battlefield in groups to be able to attack the opposing team more effectively. Make sure to always be in the front row so that support heroes, mages, marksman and assassins can carry out attacks more easily and precisely.
  3. Mage is a hero who has magic skills in dealing damage. The attack it has is quite large, so it has a fairly easy chance of defeating the enemy. Make sure to reach level 15 (maximum) and collect items that support damage so you can finish off enemies easily and quickly. Please note that the Mage hero’s HP and armor are quite weak, so you must always be alert to your opponent’s movements.

    The Mage’s job is to disrupt enemy movements by moving around randomly in the game arena. Make sure your eyes focus on the map and on the path you are exploring so you can avoid being surrounded by the opposing team. Good teamwork with marksman will give you a big chance of winning.
  4. Fighter is a hero who has a balance between offensive and defensive. This hero’s damage is not as great as marksman or assassin heroes and does not have as thick a defense as a tank. However, Fighter heroes have a unique combination of skills and are able to disrupt enemies with fairly fast movements.

    Fighters have 2 tasks, namely farming and distracting the opponent’s hero. To improve your skills better, do damage to the enemy but don’t force yourself to kill when conditions don’t allow it. By successfully increasing his level and skills in the middle of the game, this hero can do major damage to the opposing team with the opportunity to finish off the opponent in a few hits.
  5. Assassin is a hero who is given the opportunity to kill and lock up the opponent’s hero when his blood becomes critical. This type of hero has high mobility and is able to kill enemies quickly. To use a hero, it is best to have experience and have mastered the right playing techniques so you can win more precisely.

    The assassin’s job is to kill the enemy. In terms of playing technique, assassins must often go around the playing arena to finish off enemies who are being fought by friends on the team. The right collaboration between teams will achieve effective victory in a fairly quick time. Give other heroes the opportunity to fight the enemy team, then the assassin hero can enter mid-fight so he can finish off the opponent effectively.
  6. Support is a support hero who protects teammates by providing healing or attacking from behind a friend’s hero. Support heroes have skills specifically for protecting team members. Support heroes are not allowed to carry out single attacks because this is an act of surrendering themselves to the opposing team.

    The Support hero’s job is to protect team members from behind, either providing healing or using special skills. Sometimes support heroes have to make decisions to withstand the damage of other teams in protecting team members in desperate conditions, such as the opposing team which is almost killed with their blood running low and support heroes can be a defense in receiving enemy attacks so that team members can do deadly damage to the enemy.

That is the complete discussion and information regarding Mobile Legends hero roles which can make it easier for you to choose the right hero to win the game with the right opportunities. Come on, keep playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang to reach Mythic level.